Criminal Law

Criminal prosecution is a huge stressful situation for anyone, and in this condition it is difficult to assess the situation adequately and in a rational way to respond to it. Skilled professional lawyers in such a case of emergency are really helpful. Our experts are familiar with all the nuances of the material, as well as procedural criminal law, and one hundred per cent are able to provide clients with Legal Firm № 11 protection throughout the judicial process.



Our lawyers advise on all aspects of criminal law and criminal procedure law;

So, our specialists provide client protection during the pre-trial investigation or inquiry;

Protect the client at the time of consideration of the case by the judiciary.

Resolve issues of appeal in criminal cases;

Concerned with protecting the interests of the injured party;

Questions represent the interests of the private prosecutor;

Procedural assistance to witnesses;

Questions of representation of the client, if he gets convicted of prepayment;

Assistance in support of the rights of his rehabilitation.