Household and land laws

Any person, sooner or later could have difficulties associated with the inheritance of land or real estate. Not everyone’s strength to independently study all the nuances of the subject. Our lawyers provide clients with expert assistance and conduct consulting on all issues of land, as well as the right to housing:


—          advice on housing issues;

—          property advices, advices on legal disputes with utilities.


Consulting a lawyer, specializing in land matters to:


—          inheritance of land;

—          Sections land;

—          preparing documents for the allegedly unlawful conduct and omissions of public authorities;

confiscation of land.

Lawyers of AK № 11, provide legal support on land law in such cases:




—          The division of property rights to land between its owners;

—           determining the size and boundaries of the land;

—           the proof of rights to ownership of land, as well as the indefinite use of this land;

—           obtaining / returning the rights to free privatization of the land;

—           determining the order of use of land;

—           recognition of the transaction in land invalid.

Besides counseling, our lawyers provide services to address the issues in the housing sector, such as:


—          conduct real estate transactions;

—          issues settling in an apartment as well as the eviction;

—          problems with resettlement apartments and communal apartments;

—          Questions removed from the register;

—          determining the order of the dwelling;

—          equity division of space, issues of annulment of the contract, the transfer of property rights (contract of sale, exchange, donation);

—          amendments to the agreement social tenancy;

—          resolution of disputes relating to the transfer of ownership by way of inheritance;

—          Illegal redevelopment of apartments;

—          Questions invalidate ownership of a dwelling;

—          privatization (re-privatization);

—          issues for the recognition of citizens do not acquire the right to use the living room; invalidation fact exchange of premises, addressing the recognition of ownership of the premises;

—          forcing the defendant to share living space in the court.