Civil law

Litigations in civil cases each year become normal in modern civil law relations, but unfortunately, their decision can take a lot of time and effort. Our lawyers of Legal Firm № 11 have extensive experience in protecting the interests of the different categories of civil cases of our clients both on property and not on property issues, among which are and will be the case not only for compensation of damages, but also, for example, about debt collection, as well as defamation, in compensation for moral damages and labor.


In civil law Legal Firm №11 works in the following areas:


Implementation assistance in the preparation and filing of applications;

development of a strong legal position in cases in civil matters and in advising clients on all matters related to these matters;

assistance in drafting the settlement agreement;

training and direction of our lawyers requests to the courts and other authorities needed to get information on the case;

participation and consultation in civil cases in courts of first and second instance, the provision of assistance in the preparation, as well as filing a complaint to the supervisory authorities in the decisions already taken legal effect;

assistance in appealing acts with normative, as well as the decisions, acts or omissions of public authorities, local authorities and officials;

representation of the private as well as legal persons in the administrative process;

participation and consultation in judicial and non-judicial review of administrative offenses, assistance in appeals against decisions of officials and courts in administrative proceedings;

advising on labor and administrative law, consult on the choice of optimal solutions potrudovym or other disputes, work on the development of regulations, including the drawing up corporate relations in the company (the provisions on trade secrets, staff, employment contracts, regulations, orders, etc . etc.);

Participation in the judicial.