Legal Firm № 11 provides the following legal services that are directly related to the conduct of affairs in bankruptcy court:


Disputes related to the collection of accounts receivable;

In the field of construction;

Land issues;

Relations in the field of real estate;

Real estate investments, as well as land assets;

Controversy over the lease.

Challenging decisions by tax authorities:


On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)

Resolution of disputes with municipal, as well as public authorities;

The list of services provided by our lawyers who specialize in legal representation:


Individual preparation of claims, as well as reviews of writs;

Preparation of appeal against the decision, as well as solutions, and, inter alia, the definition of arbitration courts and other authorities;

Working directly at the meetings of the arbitration courts — representation of the client;

Challenging the decision of the arbitral tribunal in the case on appeal, the appellate courts of arbitration, as well as the challenge in the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation.