Legal Service

Professional legal support — is an essential tool to business success. Legal Firm №11 is not only allow for the fruitful work of the company in full compliance with the law, but also provide many opportunities for highly cost-effective contracts and improving the efficiency of the enterprise. Great understanding of the different types of law, extensive experience of contract work, so is international, knowledge of the nuances of law in the economic situation of each individual makes the service of legal support a reliable tool to minimize the financial and legal risks in the conduct of their own business, opportunity costs, the ability to protect against accidental operation partners and contractors.


Legal Firm №11 service support include:


Consultation on all areas that can help an individual to understand the subtleties of the particular transaction, to avoid all kinds of errors, as well as to determine the strategic line and sequence of actions;

negotiations with participating for the transaction counterparties and third parties;

drawing favorable to the client and, in particular, legal literacy contract deal;

legal expertise, as well as the collection of the necessary documents, permits and certificates;

check counterparty (personal identification, the presence of property rights, the analysis of reference for the transaction);

check the object involved in the transaction;

complete control of execution counterparty obligations prescribed in the contract;

court settlement of property and financial disputes, protection of the interests of the client during the trial.